Today I'll be walking you through a new combo that I designed to ruin a deck that is currently plaguing our meta -- Reanimator.

Some say that cards like Black Lotus, Time Walk, and the 5 original moxen are the pillars of this format. Here in Vancouver, we understand the true power of Canadian Highlander.  When you build decks in our format, you don't build around your opponent having an Ancestral Recall or other such power. You build with another card in mind.

Now, let me introduce the newest combo deck in Canadian Highlander, one that will force your opponent to immediately concede to your deckbuilding prowess:

U/G Lands.

Lets start off with the creature base:

That's it. This deck doesn't require creatures to accomplish its game plan. Now that we have that out of the way, here are the most important non-creature spells:


Card selection is important in finding our combo.

Sylvan Scrying
Expedition Map
Crop Rotation
Pir's Whim
Nylea's Intervention
Hour of Promise
Reap and Sow
Tempt with Discovery

These cards can single-handedly assemble our combo.

Crucible of Worlds helps our combo with resiliency in case our filthy, degenerate opponent decides to interact with our lands.

Selective Memory and Mana Severance remove all of the garbage cards from our deck that are diluting the chance that we find our combo.

And finally, the lands:

Strip Mine

Land destruction is important in disrupting our opponent, in case they are playing the same combo that we are.

And finally, the combo:

Minamo, School at Water's Edge

This overpowered combo works by tapping Karakas (unpointed) to return a legendary creature your opponent controls to their hand.  Then, with Minamo in play, you can tap it and another Island in order to untap your Karakas and repeat this process once.  This means that your opponent can no longer control more than two legendary creatures at any given time, given you leave these lands untapped.

Finally, I leave you with the best advice I can give.  Never concede.  Your opponent may have a flight to catch.