This is a guest post by Jimmy Donaldson.

Hi there folks! Jimmy here with a review of the new points announcement for our favorite format: Canadian Highlander!

Now as you can see there are quite a few changes that have been made, and we’ll be sure to go through each and every one in detail to explain why each of these changes have been made, but first I’d like to bring attention to a card that’s not on this list.

Karakas, as you all know, is a degenerate powerhouse of a card that somehow has continued to dodge the point hammer in this format time and time again. The card is ubiquitous in the format, appearing in just about every single deck played, I for one am currently playing it in Czech Pile, a name given to a 4 color no white deck. This deck tries to curve Ponder into Wrenn and Six into Liliana, the Last Hope and yet it still has the ability to free roll a Karakas, despite how absolutely greedy it may seem. Despite showing up everywhere Karakas has once again avoided a pointing and will continue to be played in every deck in the format.

I sincerely hope you all enjoyed my review today and wish you all a good day filled with bouncing as many legendary creatures as you possibly can. See you all at the next point list update!